Flight & Walking Directions

flight & walking directions

How to get to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and walking directions once you get there!

Airports that serve San Miguel

There is not an airport in San Miguel!

There are, however, 3 major airports that service San Miguel:

-Mexico City, which is 3 1/2 hours away
-Leon-Guanajuato, which is 1 1/2 hours away
-Queretaro, which is 45 minutes away

It is necessary to fly into one of these airports and either rent a car, take a taxi or take a shuttle to San Miguel.

Both the Leon-Guanajuato & the Queretaro airports are the best solutions unless you have a reason to go through Mexico City.

Shuttles are an easy, dependable and an inexpensive service from both airports. (see shuttle below)

Taxis from Guanajuato’s Airport to downtown San Miguel are about US$70.00, from the Queretaro Airport to San Miguel approximately US$40.00. In any case, ask before you hire them.

Airlines that connect in 3 airports

Flights into Queretaro

-Aerolitoral & Aeromar fly from Mexico City.
-Continental Airlines from New York to Queretaro. There are only a few flights that arrive late afternoons.

Flights into Leon – Guanajuato

-Aeromexico flies from Los Angeles directly to Guanajuato.
-Aeromexico also has connecting flights from Mexico City to Guanajuato.
-Aerolitoral has many flights from Mexico City to Guanajuato.
-American Airlines flies from New York to Guanajuato and via Dallas-Ft Worth.
-Continental Airlines flies to Guanajuato via Houston.
-Mexicana has direct service from Chicago and Los Angeles.
-Delta flies directly to Guanajuato from Oakland, CA.

Viajes de San Miguel
Tel: 415-152-2832
Fax: 415-152-2538
Emergancy number: 415-154-6287

Inexpensive shuttle service

Viajes de San Miguel has a 24 hour shuttle service from the Leon airport to San Miguel. They charge about US$29.00 per person each way. They also provide shuttle service from Queretaro to San Miguel.

Private car

You can contact José Villanueva: 415 107 71 40
or the company Turísiticos Rodríguez who specialize in trasportation to SMA: 415 154 6168 or US Phone 281 674 54 39

Walking directions to Mariposa Mexico

Mariposa Mexico is located at Callejón Blanco No. 12
***-Any taxi in San Miguel can easily take you to the house. (Note that driving instructions are different from the walking instructions due to the one-way streets)

Walking instructions from the central square (Jardin) to the house – A 10 minute walk

1. Go left onto Canal Street from the Jardin Square. You will pass the church Convento de la Concepcíon on your right.
2. Turn right at Quebrada
3. Continue 1 block and turn left onto Callejón Blanco
4. The house number is 12. It is on the LEFT side of the street, where the street is broader and before it goes downhill.
5. Look for an antique rod iron gate that looks into a small courtyard with a carved antique door. This door opens onto the arbor entrance of the house