Shopping tips

Shopping tips

Spread Your Butterfly Wings – Special Shopping Tips

San Miguel is a town of artists! Art is for sale not only in many great galleries, but also in restaurants and the outdoor weekend showings in parks. It is a town that sells many local items as well as folk art and decorative objects from all over Mexico. There are so many diverse stores; it’s more fun to find them on your own. Just fan out in any direction from the Jardin.

Below are a few “special choices” that are listed because of their unusual merchandise, unique flare and special ambience.

Fabrica Aurora Calzada de la Aurora
The Aurora is the official interior design district in San Miguel and it is really quite delightful! It was originally a cotton mill, so all the shops today are “loft style” around an open courtyard. The quality and variety of the merchandise in the shops is amazing for a town the size of San Miguel.
There is an array of antique galleries, table linens, bath shops and art galleries in a lovely peaceful ambience.

The Food Factory Restaurant, located to the left of the Aurora entrance
Just within the Aurora entrance, this restaurant has fun and elegant dining in the indoor rooms or the terrace walkway. The menu board specials feature: salads, soups, pastas and deserts.

Mercado Plaza Lanaton, de Artesanías (Artisans Market)
(Entrance from Loreto or the Mercado)
This outdoor covered market is widely known. It is composed of many stalls of vendors selling a complete variety of local crafts: glass, brass, woolen cloth, paper mache, masks, silver jewelry and serving pieces, etc. The assortment and variety is vast! It would be advisable to go here first before buying elsewhere in town since the prices found are the best anywhere. The covered food and vegetable market is just next door. It’s possible to enjoy both in the same visit. Bright stalls of stacked fruits and vegetables are piled to over flowing and the flower stalls also have a great assortment of colors and types; all very reasonably priced. A favorite “pick” restaurant, Olé Olé, is within a few short blocks. It’s a good choice for lunch when you are in the neighborhood.

Coleccion Cuatro Vientos
Sollano 31 415-1549132
This delightful store is owned by a woman who is quite a character, her name is Milou De Montferrier. She is an American of French decent that spends most of her time volunteering for the deprived local children and Mexican hospice patients that are often overlooked.

The store in town has a unique and charming atmosphere with one-of-a-kind finds. The best however is Miloú’s Ranch and home outside of Town. 8 Km. It is not to be missed!

Rancito 4 Vientos Dolores Hidalgo derecha A los Charlos
It is necessary to call and make an appointment to view the antique furniture and accessories found there. Milou sells right from her home. The drive itself is short but very interesting and the ranch is truly beautiful! A wonderful hacienda would be a more appropriate title for this lovely home with high ceilings, massive fireplaces and a wonderful Mexican kitchen. It is all decorated beautifully with the same antiques and accessories that are often for sale. It is truly a wonderful Sunday outing not to be missed.

Metu Atelier Pila Seca
This small intimate store at Sollano 32 is a great place to purchase home accessories or a gift. Recently, Leslie, the owner, has opened a second location right next-door to the Casa Luna Hotel (Pila Secca 11). This new store is located in one of the old historic buildings in San Miguel. The showroom is wonderful! You enter to the left of the courtyard and come upon the store with spectacular high ceilings, mosaic-like walls and fabulous antique floors that show the quality of living in these Colonial Mexican homes. Leslie has a real knack for decorating. Her found objects are one of a kind and displayed with charm.

Sollano 16
Calle Sollano 16 415-1548872
This is an elegant store for gifts, home furnishings and jewelry. It has a lovely courtyard in one of the antique Colonial San Miguel buildings. The building itself is very impressive and worth seeing.

Road To Dolores Hidacgo
If you enjoy “flee markets” try driving along the road to Dolores Hidacgo. There is an array of of fun outdoor, partially covered antique areas. It is fun to leave the car and climb over and under the “finds… all at great low prices, of course!”