Facts & Fun Activities

Facts & Fun Activities

Important Facts, Fun and Things to Know

House phone number
Mariposa Mexico Phone Number (San Miguel) : 415-1527448
Vonage 801-415-6810

Butterfly Tips Book

There will be a “Butterfly Tips Book” on the coffee table that will provide answers to most of your questions, such as: How to work the electronics, emergency numbers, taxis, managers numbers, restaurants and catering.

Rental car

A rental car is not necessary in San Miguel

Mariposa Mexico is located within a ten-minute walk to the Jardin (the central square), which is the apex of all activity in San Miguel! Most restaurants and shops are on the main streets extending out in all directions from the Jardin, therefore, everything is easily within walking distance.


Taxis in San Miguel are inexpensive.

It’s easy to flag a taxi on the main streets in San Miguel. There is a flat taxi fare of 200 pesos (less than $2.00) to pay for the fare to any destination inside the city. Note that when traveling via taxis it is best is to have your pesos ready in hand to give to the driver once you have arrived at your destination.

Facts & Fun Activities

Taxi Numbers:
Radio Taxi (10 Taxis) Tesoro 152-4501
TEL TAXI (10 Taxis) San Martin: 152-3134
TAXI TEL (13 Taxis) Sierra Gorda 10: 1523211

There are also taxi transports that are fast and inexpensive that can carry anything in their open cargo compartments. Servi-Taxi: 152 5993
Serviclo Mixto de taxi: 152-2635

Servi taxis

Inexpensive shuttle service

Viajes de San Miguel Solano 4 has 24 Hour shuttle service to the Leon International Airport at about $29.00 a person each way or the $26.00 senior rate.
Tele: 1522832 & 1522537
Emergency shuttle: 1546287
Fax: 1522538
Email: info@viajessanmiguel.com
They also provide shuttle service to Queretaro

Airport shuttle

Facts & Fun Activities

Excursions around San Miguel are easy with a guide or driver

Angel Rodriquez
Cell: 044 415 1050338

Side excursions to Dolores Hidalgo, Pozos, Guanajuato are fun one day excursions. These are easy with a driver and not expensive. We suggest Angel Rodriquez, formerly the manager of Harry’s in Queretaro, before he decided to go into tourism. He is a very likable, smart and speaks fluent English.

Driver & guide for side trips

It is not advisable to travel on the connecting roadways at night without a guide in any circumstance!

Facts & Fun Activities

San Miguel walking sandals for woman

The Colonial cobblestone streets are delightful to see but often hard to walk on. There is a special San Miguel walking sandal that is widely used. It has a thick rubber soul (like a mountain climbing boot) and comfortable wide elastic straps around the ankle and the top of the foot. It is very comfortable and gives great support to your feet.

San Miguel shoes

They are sold in all colors and are reasonably priced at about $35.00. Many stores and shops carry them, one in particular is; Zapateria Martha Reloj #30 415 1544702 (located near Mesones and Boarder Crossing).

Telephone communications in/out of San Miguel

Calling to and from the USA

San Miguel Ground Numbers from the US Dial 011 52 415 + Number

San Miguel Cell phone numbers from the US Dial 011 52 1 415 + Number

Local dialing

How to dial local and cell phone numbers in San Miguel:
In dialing the local ground numbers, just dial the seven digit number.

Cell phone calls

For cell numbers

You must dial: 044 – 415 + the seven digit number.

Money exchange

Money exchange is easy in Mexico. The best is to use an ATM card to withdraw the funds as you need them. One very centrally located ATM is right on the corner of the Juardin. It is possible on fiesta days that the machine can run out of cash or have lines of people – In any case it helps to plan ahead.

Seasons and temperatures

The Temperature

San Miguel has a superb climate generally in the 70′s. Rarely does it get overly hot but winter days can get “nippy.” Bring a light jacket or sweater for the evenings.

Rainy season

The Heartland’s rainy season is between June and October, although it is generally concentrated in July and August. Even though there can be strong rainstorms, they generally do not last very long. A visit during the rainy season can also be delightful since the semiarid countryside comes to life with pink, yellow and blue wild flowers and the farmlands abound in fresh vegetables and fruit!

Local grocery stores

Facts & Fun Activities

Grocery stores, fresh vegetables, fruit baskets and imported items!

There are various merchants or “Mercados” spotted around the city, one of which is located at the end of Callejón Blanco, on the street where Mariposa Mexico is located. There is a good share of small grocery stores scattered around the city. Each has a wide variety of items with everything from natural health foods to high-end imported foods. Some deliver for an extra $30.00 fee.

There is a list of specific stores in the “Butterfly Tips Book” on the coffee table at Mariposa Mexico.

Cleaning and service

Facts & Fun Activities

Maid service

Mariposa Mexico has a maid that will be at the house every day during your stay from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. She has an ironing board at the house and can do washing and ironing for guests. It is necessary for guests to pay her separately for these services. She may also go food shopping for an additional fee.

Cleaning deposit and smoking

A $75.00 cleaning deposit is charged following departure. This fee may be increased if there is an excessive mess that requires extra cleaning hours.


Facts & Fun Activities

Pets are accepted with prior approval from the owners. This is contingent on the size and difficultly in housing the animal. An extra security deposit is required if pets are present in the house.

Smoking is prohibited inside, although allowed outside.

Security Deposit

A 20% security deposit is necessary at the time of booking. The deposit is returned one month following departure and control of the house. Possible subtractions from the deposit would be for: damages to property, broken or missing items, rings on furniture and or spots on upholstery and bedding.